For more than 25 years, the ecology is our priority. For this reason, Happy Gifts, wants to support campaigns to protect environment and is committed to do so with the highest seriousness and correctness, preferring the use of environmentally friendly materials, biodegradables, certified under the strict parameters set out in the European regulations. The employed materials are the real answer to the demand of consumer product with low environmental impact, even the pen colors is obtained through the use of biodegradable master batches.

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Classic or modern, in pastel or vivid colors. Transparent or solid, with digital 360 printing on barrel or a clip in an individual shape. Everything to express your brand!

Twisty 176..

Plastic ballpen, single color, blue ink.
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Tris Solid 202..

Plastic ballpen, white accessories, blue ink.
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Kiki Solid 397..

Plastic pen, colored barrel and accessories, blue refill.
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Golff Solid 414..

Plastic ball pen, colored barel and accessories, blue refill.
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Zen Solid 191..

Plastic pen, colored, blue ink.
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Forte Solid 602..W

Plastic ballpen, coloured barrel, white clip and tip, blue ink.
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A wide range of our services will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

silk screen printing

Silk-screen printing is one of the printing methods used for one or multicolored branding of writing instruments on different surfaces. Thanks to developed method of printing is possible to print on rounded subjects.

digital 360°

Digital Printing allows you to restore images over the entire surface of the body. 360° is perfect for your creativity. Digital foil allows you to recreate photos on the whole surface of product’s body. 

special assembly

Special assembly gives a possibility to match the colors of some ballpen parts for individual customers needs. It enables assembling of the ballpen within the Lecce Pen color range, available for the particular model.

pad printing

This is printing technique for small, not necessarily flat surfaces. It is suitable for various types of plastic, metal or wood. Pad printing has a high durability and versatility.

Made in EU.

Lecce Pen ballpens are made in the heart of Europe. Custom solutions that can meet even the most creative needs. Clips in a dedicated shape, swing rotating tube, production in the selected Pantone color and many more.

Forte Digital 601DGT..

Plastic ballpen, white barrel and push, coloured clip and tip, blue ink.

Tantra DGT 404DGT..

Plastic ballpen, white barrel, black head with metal clip and chrome details.


Plastic ballpen, white barrel, plastic accesories.

ZEN Clip Special 191CLIP..

Plastic ballpen, white clip in special shape.

ZEN Swing 360 191SWING..

Plastic ballpen with roratitng inner tube.


How can I order?

Choose products from our website or catalog. Send request (contact form) by mail or fax with information as follow: product code (name and color), number, full company contact details. If ordered products are to be marked, should be sent the adequately prepared logo...

With who do we cooperate?

General Conditions of Supply and Sales, which are applicable in Happy Gifts Europe Sp. z o. o., you can download HERE. The specific conditions relating to prices and payments must be determined individually – in this case, please contact our Sales Department...

What tools can I use when working?

We offer tools created for your needs: catalog, folders, templates and samples of products, exposition materials. In addition: our sales department helps with any orders, questions and valuations. We offer a wide range of products, fast services, attractive prices, discounts...