Recycled pens

For over 25 years ecology has been our priority. Our company is not indifferent to environmental protection problems – so we develop new technologies, which help us care about  environment. Ecoline is a line of pens produced out of recycled drink cartons and for that reason the surface of those pens is not completely smooth. For printing on our pens we use ecological, low toxic paints compliant with EU REACH norm.

The print durability on Ecoline pens is consistent with ECO philpsophy. The feedstock consist of 75% paper, about 20% polyethylene and traces of aluminium (up to 5%) and it’s not tested with TESA tape method.  Paint adhesion to the surface cannot be permanent as it would prevent the pen from decomposing in the environment - and that’s why we test our product for paint adhesion only.

Our first priority is to use recycled material in order to protect natural environment. Thanks to us today’s waste will become useful product – an alternative solution for a school, office and a household. By offering this ecological product to your client you create the image of yourself as an expert in ecology which helps to establish a positive association of your brand.

Download EcoLine certificate

​​​​​​​Due to the specific properties and fragments of recycled materials, ecological pens differ in shade and color from the standard Lecce Pen colors. 

Ecological pens made in Europe.