Forte Soft Black



Code: 606G35..
Name: Forte Soft Black


Description Forte Soft plastic pen, black barrel and colorful accessories, soft, blue refill.
Collection Standard
Material Plastic
Mechanism Push
Refill Plastic X-20
Optional refill Jumbo
Ink color Blue
Black (on demand)
Dimensions (mm) 140 x 10
Accessories Colored
Net weight (g) 8.26
Packaging (pcs.) 35 / 1400
Package dimensions (cm) 43 x 32 x 31
Package weight (kg) 13.18
Finishes Rubber surface / Soft touch

Symphony of colors.

Forte Soft Black slim, light and functional. Soft coating makes it pleasant to use.


Clip Pad printing 5 X 32 (mm)
Clip Digital overprint 5 X 30 (mm)
Barrel Silkscreen printing 28 X 42 (mm)
Barrel Silkscreen printing 360° 28 X 60 (mm)

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